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3 Reasons to call a Concord Roofer this winter

3 Reasons to call a Concord Roofer this winter

As you know, this time in Concord ,CA the winter weather isextreme. Not only is cold weather bad for you and me it can be cold for your house. If you own a home, it can be expensive to run your house in cold conditions. Many people see their heating bill skyrocket because your heat is running 24/7. Concord Roofers have said, "Your roof could be increasing your energy cost". I know that might be confused as to how the thing on top of your house can increase your bills.

Let me explain...

As everyone knows by now heat rises. If you have got an old roof or a roof that needs repair, the heat will rise and continue rising outside your roof into the atmosphere. Now, im sure you want it to be warmer outside, but we all know thats not going to change the weather conditions. Concord roofing contractors suggest that your check your roof annually for any missing shingles or roof damage to prevent heating loss.


If you have got an older roof, over the years your roof has taken a beating from snow, wind, rain and more...All these things play a major part in your roofs longevity. For older roofs, the snow is not your roofs best friend. Snow and ice sitting there can cause foundation problems, window cracking and roof leaks. If youve ever had water leaking from your roof, you know the severity of this. It often is a result of missing or damaged shingles, but if unmaintained could cause a complete re-roof.


If you are fortunate enough to have those beautiful skylights that light up your rooms, you should check them annually as well. Even if your house is fairly new, you should have them inspected. Roofers in Concord ,CA have also said they have seen strong winds lift skylights from on top of the roof during major storms. I'm sure no one wants to be in a room and see a big hole where the skylight used to be. Plus, when there are high winds, rain is not to far behind.

Thinking of all these conditions, you need to make sure you have a good roofer on speed dial. For Concord, CA call Pure Roofing Inc at (778) 588-7477

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January 19, 2017
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